History has shown that sometimes young people who love games, as they mature they acquire the ability to be aware of how they can create a good, entertaining game. This is in short the story behind the foundation of Softmides.

The Softmides was founded in in November 2009 by Grigoratou Sofia, Engineer of Music Technology and Acoustics with specialization at ΟpenSource Audio API’s, in close partnership with Nicholaos Damouras, Electronic Telecommunications Engineer with both being involved and participated in international developer communities of software, online games and CMS.

From its foundation until today, the Softmides operates within the scope of creating and promoting online games and web applications.


Our main goal is to create web applications – games where people will enjoy themselves and communicate freely at any time, having easy access through Web browsers wherever they are located.

We aim a faster web with stunning three-dimensional graphics, but without the endless waiting times and that is exactly our aim with every application. One faster, more interactive, fun environment which will pleasantly surprise the users.

We are developing the next generation of web games by focusing on innovative and user friendly interactive environments, using and seeking constantly the technology that provides us with the right tools to create them.

Every time we discover new technologies that we use and evolve in order to achieve the desired result. We take nothin for granted except the final result we have in mind. Each application is a new experience of knowledge and a new challenge.


Our applications are mainly developed using HTML – PHP, by using all the features provided by those modern technologies. It is used a combination of powerful development platforms, API’s and frameworks, having guided by to fully exploit of the modern technology of web browsers and by following the latest developments at a rapidly expanding field.

webWe use a mix of programming languages and technologies in order to we achieve the desired result. We are developing of our applications with help of the DOM, CSS3, DHTML5, XML, SQL, PHP, Java, C #, Javascript, etc. That provides us with the possibility for our applications to be compatible with any browser on any platform.

ajaxFor the implementation of interactive applications we use a set of push techniques and AJAX, we allow the asynchronous data transfers with the central server without the need for reloading the entire page contents, but only to parts of it.

apiAlways we seek the right tools in order to produce the best result. API’s, frameworks, libraries and in some cases there has done use of powerful development engines, rapidly accelerating the process of developing applications. By using innovative robust development platforms to achieve the maximum quality of our products and the absolute satisfaction of the end user.

des\ingOur products are enriched with graphics that are designed by using vector graphics processors. For designing of these graphics we mainly use Inkscape and Blender 3D, two powerful Open Source tools which provide us with the ability of building high quality graphics which are also appropriate to use on the internet.

moreEvery time we discover new technologies which we use and evolve in order to achieve the desired result. Nothing is for granted except for the final result that we have in mind. Every application represents a new experience, new knowledge and a new challenge for us.