General Terms

General Terms

1. Terms of use

1.1 All games provided by Softmides on the pages owned by Softmides are regulated by the following terms. This ruleset replaces older versions of Softmides use terms.

1.2 Softmides has the right to change or modify this rule set in the future.

1.3 Softmides online services are provided with 99% average annual availability. This availability doesn’t include the maintenance periods for servers or services and the times of network technical problems or faulty hardware replace ment.

1.4 The online games that are provided from Softmides are continually developed and updated to offer greater user experience.

1.5 All online services that are provided from Softmides are intent solely for entertainment purposes and none for commercial or business usage.

1.6 All the services that are provided from Softmides and are originated from contractors of Softmides (payment options, etc.) include a separete contract that the user can be informed from each contractor.

2. Conclusion of Contract

2.1 Required action for the user to attent online services of the Softmides is registration with a valid email address that is activated from an activation link provided from Softmides in a mail that the user receives upon his registration.

2.2 Validation of the email address gives the user maximum access to his account settings, like password change and others.

2.3 Users have to be natural individual persons and register for themselves. Registration is prohibited from third party individuals.

2.4 Users have to read this rule set and agree with the terms and conditions, before proceeding to registration.

2.5 After registration an user account is created which the user should manage for him self. Accounts can be registered in both portal and the boards.

2.6 Users are responsible for keeping their given passwords safe and not giving them away. Users should not user other’s users accounts, and if they accidentally possessed another user’s account, they should immediately contact with Softmides.

2.7 In case of a third person uses a users account with out permission, since the user couldn’t protect his password and user id, and we cannot detect if the user is not lying, we will have to assume that the user has acted on his own.

2.8 In case of a third person accessing another user’s account and its obvious that this has happened, then Softmides has the right to change the password for that particular user on its will and in parallel inform the player for any changes been done. User should not ask or demand for restoring his data into a previous state (before the time of access from the third person). If it’s possible it will be done from Softmides personel.

3. Revocation Instruction

3.1 User can revoke from this contract within the period of two weeks (14 days) by sending us a letter or an email, fax.

3.2 After an effective revocation user’s account and all benefits provided from Softmides are stopped.

4. Obligations of the user

4.1 The user has to provide information Softmides with all the nessecery changes in his registration data and specially for his email address.

4.2 The user is obliged to protect all log-in data, identifications and passwords from unauthorized access of third parties.

4.3 In the event of a user has lost or has reasons to believe his account is accessed from third persons and he can’t no longer change his password or data, he has to inform Softmides about it. If any evidence is available and clear then softmides will try to block the account until all the situation is resolved. After that the user will be permitted to access his account.

4.4 The user is under no circumstances entitled to use the log-in data of another user, unless the rules of the game provide specific exceptions.

4.5 All the content and information on Softmides site are copyrighted and protected by trademarks from Softmides or others third party that Softmides is in collaboration.

4.6 The term «content» includes all data, images, text, graphics, music, sounds, sound sequences, videos, software programs and codes, and other information, provided by Softmides on its Internet pages. The term «content» includes also all available service offerings for downloading.

4.7 The user is obliged to abstain from any measure, which may compromise or interrupt the proper functioning of Softmides Internet sites or individual services, as well as from accessing data to which the user is not entitled to. The retrieval of the contents may only take place in a manner such that the use of Softmides Internet sites and contents through other users is not affected. The transfer of data or software that can influence hardware or software from recipients is not permitted.

4.8 Any use of Softmides services for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without written consent of Softmides.

4.9 The use of Softmides services through an anonymization service that is hiding the true IP address of the user is not permitted.

4.10 Client software for accessing Softmides services should be a Internet browser, if not else stated. Sites that are accessed with programs other than Internet browsers for providing the user with cheating abilities are prohibited. This refers to so-called bots and tools,macros.

4.11 Any manipulation or interference with the Softmides services that will be detected will immediately cause a permanent block of user’s account and access to Softmides services.

4.12 If the user uses any of not permitted software and gets banned, then this contract is no longer, in effect.

4.13 For any internet browser the user uses, Softmides is not responsible for that. Meaning all software that is not provided from Softmides.

If some of the terms and conditions are stated here are or become ineffective against laws then the total terms and conditions are not becoming ineffective. The ineffective term or condition will be replaced, we another from Softmides according to the laws enforcing the specific content.