What we do …

We create and promote interactive web applications by using the latest techniques and technologies, being guided toward the ensure full use of modern technology and by following the latest developments in an area that is rapidly developed, with our main orientation in the area of online Web Browser games.

Web Applications

The internet applications – web applications – are applications that are accessible through the Internet. The main advantage of such applications is the easy access, since users can access them provided a web browser and Internet access without the need for specialized software.

These web applications do not require the need for upload – download of specialized software and storage area on the hard drive of the end user. At the same time they do not require from the user any upgrade or update and all the software updates are applied on the server.

The opportunity to adapt and integrate such web applications, even in simple static pages, offers an improved user experience for all users. Already enriched web applications today are flooding the Internet and turning it into, other times in workplace by offering online office applications, other times in a trading platform – enabling purchases by providing access in modern online payment systems and other times a place for online entertainment and chat …

Online Games

Online games and in particular the multiplayer browser games, are the most modern entertainment. Online games are games that are played over the internet. The users have the possibility to play online with millions of other players in real time without the need for specialized software and everyday updates.

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