War is evolved at the Planet of Mides, a friendly and peaceful planet before the aliens’ invasion. Your goal in the game is to command your army and expand the capabilities of your barrack. After the alien invasion, political systems of the planet were followed by small, local military authorities with only one purpose: Fight the aliens at any cost.

Soon war with the aliens began at full-scale and situation got out of control. Each General had his own personal ambitions and thoughts about the new world’s order after the ending of the War. Soon «accidents» started to take place…

The game

Join now and develop your barrack. Do research for new units, upgrade their armor and weapon power, build and train your army for the toughest battle. Trade your resources for Mide coins and explore the free marketplace. Divide and conquer your territory, win the battle against the aliens. The key to success is diplomacy, fight with virtues and you will get rewarded.

Choose among the most modern weapons and units. Perform either attack from air or ground. Be stealthy with an Apache, spread the terror with a B2-Bomber and make your General the ruler of the planet!

Lead your army to victory

Join the battle now!

General Information

Category : Online Game
Platform : Web based
Genre : MMORTS / Fantasy
Pricing : Free (Premium Account)

Updated : October 17, 2011
Status : Open beta
Release : Not yet

Game Site : www.warmides.com
Forum : forum.warmides.com


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